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Cayo Largo Del Sur

Uninhabited up until the eighties, this island has been gently developed to cater for every Cuba holiday maker's needs. Most of Cayo Largo's hotels are managed by the same Cuba hotel chain, and allow guests to make use of the facilities in each, regardless of the Cayo Largo hotel in which you stay. The wider range of choice and flexibility help to make the perfect Caribbean break.

The island of Cayo Largo is set to the south of the mainland of Cuba. A Cayo Largo holiday requires a short flight from Havana so makes an ideal twin centre Cuba holiday with a stay in Havana. The location of the island allows for a temperate year round climate, so this combined with miles of perfect sand beaches makes Cayo Largo, Cuba the ideal beach holiday destination.

Cayo Largo's distance and relative isolation from the mainland has allowed an abundance of wildlife to develop. The island is famous for turtles and they can be seen nesting at Playa Toruga. Iguanas are also plentiful, in particular at Cayo Iguana, a small island off Cayo Largo, Cuba, where they can be quite large (but harmless!). There are several Cuba scuba diving sites surrounding Cayo Largo and also the opportunity for deep sea fishing in Cuba. Both these activities can be arranged locally.